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Investment Management

At Schlager Financial, we work directly with investors to develop customized investment portfolios tailored to their specific needs and financial goals. We also offer several tailored strategies focused on growth, income, and principal preservation.
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Risk Analysis

One of the first conversations we will have with a potential client is discussing their feelings toward risk in their investments. It is of the utmost importance to us that we understand our clients’ investment goals and tolerance to risk. Making sure our clients understand the risk-reward metrics of their portfolio is one of the critical aspects that we believe separates Schlager Financial from other wealth managers. We want our clients to know, understand, and be comfortable with each investment they own.
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Tax-Efficient Investing

Managing your tax liabilities during retirement and for estate planning purposes can make all the difference in maintaining your desired lifestyle and potentially minimizing estate tax obligations for loved ones after you are gone. We collaborate with your CPAs and Attorneys to create an investment plan that helps manage and protect your assets. Our team has extensive knowledge of retirement accounts, trust accounts, and insurance solutions necessary for your tax investment planning.
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Retirement Planning

Schlager Financial implements a disciplined approach to investing and portfolio management strategies to help our clients achieve their retirement goals. We can help you make the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs, develop strategic plans that will provide you with income, capital preservation, and wealth for your future generations.
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Education Funding

There are many investment options and accumulation strategies to fund your children’s education. We can help you determine the investments and strategy for your unique financial circumstances with the goal to position your children for a lifetime of success.
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Transitional Planning

At Schlager Financial, part of our mission is to help clients through life’s changes and challenges. For nearly 20 years, we have focused on helping families and individuals navigate career changes, retirement, divorce, buying and selling real estate, dealing with death in the family, and planning for future generations.
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Charitable Gifting

Many of our clients want to share their successes with organizations and non-profits to support causes near and dear to their hearts. Schlager Financial can help you structure a plan that enables you to contribute to the organizations of your choice while enjoying the financial benefits of charitable giving.
Schlager Financial is not a tax or legal advisor. Please consult with your tax attorney